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            Public art is a new developing subject in recent years.   Public art can be created by any medium,   which means the works of art placed in public space and open to the

            public. There are three basic properties and elements of public art:   Publicity, artistry and locality.  It is also the standard by which public art is distinguished from other

            arts. Various Forms of public art can be traced back at least to the public sculpture on the square in ancient Rome. Sculpture is still an important form of public art, such

            as a bronze statue on a sidewalk, a monument in a square or a park. Public Art can also include various artistic expressions in public spaces, such as buildings, or objects

            and facilities that can be used, such as tables, chairs and street lamps. With the development of society and economy, People's material life and urbanization, more and

            more attention has been paid to the artistic taste and social function of urban public space, which is one of the sources of the vigorous development of modern public art

            Another reason is the democratisation of contemporary art, which has moved art out of museums and into public spaces and into public life.

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